Sunday, April 15, 2012

Auntie Katie. {3}

I'm going to be an aunt x2 this summer.
Both of my sisters are prego, remember
We found out last month that my oldest sister, Cari, is having a sweet baby boy in July. And, just yesterday, we found out what Lori is having! 

Since Lori doesn't really {um, at all} like cake or sweets,
they decided to do a surprise balloon release for their gender reveal.
My BIL free handed that design on the balloon box...
impressive, huh? 

Everyone sported either pink or blue...
and I was CONVINCED it would be a girl, so I was definitely Team Pink!
{btw, how cute is my oldest sister's baby bump? Only 3 more months til baby boy's here!}

As J and I were walking up to the walk to their house for the party, I noticed one single tulip by the hedges.
One single pink tulip.
I told J it was too ironic...they must be having a girl!

After everyone got there, they did the balloon release right away since the rain had stopped for a bit...
{with family from NY & Denver watching with FaceTime!}

Baby Solomon's A GIRL!!!!

Lot's of people were surprised...

but both grandma's and I were right :)

There's no denying it... :)

I can't wait to meet baby Mia {what a cute name, huh?!}

And no party is finished without a good rainy day lunch.

One of the grandma's bought the parents-to-be the CUTEST baby Uggs. How stinkin' sweet!

I'm so excited to have a niece come August! It couldn't be more perfect...a little nephew in July and a niece a few weeks later. Let the baby shower planning begin! :)


Jamie said...

That's so fun - one of each! And I love this idea. I'll have to remember it when our day forever! Haha.

Ashley said...

so exciting! What a fun idea for a reveal! And i can't believe he free-handed that! Amazing!

MzJessicaxo said...

That is so cute!
I love these gender release parties, such a cute idea!
Mia is an adorable name too!
Glad you had a great weekend

xxx Jessica

Megan said...

Awwww, I love the balloon release! That is so fun! Congrats on being a double aunt!!