Sunday, March 25, 2012


**I wrote this post on Thursday AM while on the MegaBus to Chitown. And then the wifi stopped working ten minutes into the trip, and I never posted. So, I'm just now posting it :)

Chicago, here we come!
{on a Megabus}

Fun facts about this trip:

1. I dislike Chicago and its suburbs. I really, really do. I've lived 2 hours away my whole life, and disliked it for as long as I can remember. I have various reasons for feeling this way :), but...

2. Despite my general dislike for the city, I happen to LOVE lots of people that live in and around Chitown. That totally makes up for how much I dislike the place :)

3. We haven't seen the friends we're visiting for a year and a half. That's just crazy.

4. I've never Megabus-ed it. Have you? 

5. Our hosts for the weekend {Shout out, Gilberts!!} have been holding a Whirlypop hostage over a year for us. They got two for their wedding and we were supposed to visit December 2010, but had to cancel last minute. I can't wait to start making some homemade popcorn and kettlecorn! Yum!

Happy weekend! :)

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Jamie said...

I confess I don't really know what a Megabus is. Out here in the big ol' West we fly a lot and drive - buses don't like us. Looks fun though!