Wednesday, March 14, 2012



I was wondering around on this site yesterday and I came upon JJ's post about desire.
Its good. You should read it.
Like, go read it right now!

I think we all deal with the complications of desire, but women especially.
We have a lot of desires.
And sometimes they conflict with each other, you know?
But we have a deep desire to live all of them, even if not at once.

Like the stay-at-home-mom desire totally conflicts with the career-woman desire. And the strong-and-independent desire can sometimes conflict with the hopeless-romantic hat.
But the most difficult part, for me at least, is working out how to live out just about all those desires.
And understanding how our desires for this or for that can all work out together, even though it often feels like it won't. It often feels like we'll have to chose one desire over another.
Like a career over being a stay at home mom, for instance.

Its especially hard when we see others having or getting what we desire. Like motherhood or marriage or the dream job or just plain popularity. 
Cause then we wonder what we're doing wrong, why they got what they desired but we didn't.

I think it all comes down to the desires themselves. And knowing whether or not they are self made or God instilled. 
And if they're God instilled...I think there is a peace that can come with that, if we seek it out. 
Here's what JJ had to say about that::

I FIRMLY believe that the desire to be a wife and mother does not exist in my heart without a purpose. I believe that the Lord has placed those deep desires inside of me and that He would not play games with my heart and soul. He does not make mistakes.

Therefore, I hold onto that hope and know that while His timing may not be my favorite thing in the world right now, I can have patience because I know that He loves me and wants me to have the desires of my heart.

So, when things don't make sense or we can't see how the desires we have can, could, or would ever work out or come to life...
we have to trust that God doesn't make mistakes. And He knows what He's doing.
Easier said than done, huh?

But its a lesson that's probably worth the heartache, I bet. 


Mrs. Robinson said...

How did you know that this was exactly what I needed to hear? I even posted your last line as my Facebook status so that I can apply the needed attitude adjustment to myself..all day long. Thanks!

Emily grapes said...

Holy cow girl, this was such a good read and something I needed right now. Thank you for posting it. I think it'll always be a struggle for us women, the desires that go back and forth in us.

Thank you again for posting this!!

Emily at Amazing Grapes