Friday, November 18, 2011


two posts in ONE day?!?!?1

its true.

I'm thinking of asking for an eReader for Christmas. Or just saving up for one myself.
Have we talked about how much I love to read? 
No? Well I love to read. Like, I'm obsessed. I eat books. 
Emily talked about how some people just devour books, and I'm one of those. I read cover to cover in a day or maybe two if I have some socializing or showering or general living to do.

Anyyyyyways. All this to say, now that grad school is seriously dying down and I only have one class next semester, the return of leisure reading is in my near future. And I want an eReader. I've held off for a long time, but I think they are too awesome to deny anymore. 

Soooo...any tips?

Which is better? The Nook? The Kindle?
What are the pros and cons?
Basically, I'm cheap. So I want one that is most compatible with checking books out from libraries or getting books on the cheap somehow. That's how I roll.

Do you have one? What do you love? Hate?
Help a girl out!



Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I don;t have one myself, but I usually check CNET for stuff like this, to see what they reviews and comparisons are.


Judy said...

I have a nook like the one in your post. I got it awhile back, right before they lower the price (always my luck!). I chose it over the Kindle because I'm able to borrow e-books from my local library and read them on it - I'm not sure if the Kindle can do that or not now. One of my friends got the new nook that doesn't have the color screen at the bottom and I might like that a bit more, but mine works just fine. I also like that B&N has free Fridays on their blog - free book every week, in addition to what's free on their site. Happy shopping!

Emily grapes said...

Thanks for the shout out friend! :)
1 class next semester?!?! What WILL you do with yourself?!

I say kindle. kindle kindle kindle. I have one (obviously!) and LOVE it. G-man loves his and now I got my mom wanting one.
They're great. Just great. I know you can borrow books from other kindle users and they have shared libraries available. PLUS they have free books all the time. AND now if you're a prime membership w/Amazon they loan you books for free. Like new books. Pretty darn cool.

I'm partial (if that wasn't clear) and I don't like the nook only being through barnes and noble...maybe it isn't, but I like having Amazon (because I love them) as my go to for books.
Let us know what you get

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Gretchen said...

I read a review of these in real simple.
The most important thing is to make sure that you get the one that is like a natural book for your eyes, rather than a backlit one that reads more like a computer screen. If you get one of those, it will strain your eyes like staring a screen all day.

I wish remembered which one was which...

google it?