Thursday, September 8, 2011


{our energy sources for our NJ wedding road trip}

Have you heard of Avitae?
You're seriously missing out.
I HATE coffee and pop, so tea is my only source of caffeine for a boost in energy.

Until, a few weeks ago, when J noticed this nifty water bottle in a cooler at Meijer.
And being the smarty pants he is,
he read the label and noticed that its 
Not flavored, carbonated, or jacked up in any weird ways.
Just delicious, spring water...with natural caffeine added.

Um, where do I sign up?!
I was skeptical.
But you seriously don't notice a difference in taste.
Just the awesomeness of an energy boost.
Totally #winning.

And in case you think I'm only writing this as some sort of incentive product review, I'm not.
I just seriously think its amazing.
Take today, for instance.
I have class from 9am-9pm.
#woof, I know.
But I had a bottle of the good stuff this morning, and I'm not crashing like I usually do around early afternoon!

Am I late on jumping on the Avitae bandwagon?!
Have you tried it? 


Whitney Tomlin said...

I will definitely have to try this! I don't like drinking cokes so it's a must :)

love your blog + i'm a new follower!

Sam W. said...

never heard of it, but i'm loving the sound!! how cool.

Emily grapes said...

I've never heard of the stuff. I'm not sure I'd go for it, I don't like carbonated water, so not too sure how I'd be w/caffeinated water. =/

And when did you NOT like coffee? I'm not sure we can be friends... ;)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

meme-and-he said...

Looks like you are their newest advertising rep!! I haven't hear of it, but want to try now.

Ashley said...

totally checking this out! i decided today that if i keep my red bull habit up, one day i'm going to open my mouth and all my teeth are gonna fall out. this sounds awesome!

The Southland Life said...

wow! ive never heard of it - must try! and i love how you say, "pop" - i call everything "coke" so cute!!! xx.

Interprintations said...

Where was that when I was in college?? Sure that helped out during the long drive to NJ...