Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I DO exist!

Bet you thought I'd given up blogging for good, huh?
It crossed my mind, since I've been oh so inconsistent since May!

But I think, just maybe, I'm getting a handle on time mgmt {that's for you, Kylee!} this semester.
I have a ridiculously weird class schedule and am finally adjusting. 
Last semester, I just caught up on blogs during my practicum {shh! Don't tell :D} and blogged at night before bed. 
This summer, I've just been soaking up time with the hubs, our little Bark Park family, and friend & fam. 
I only half feel guilty about being a blog slacker, since I was being so awesome at life. Right?!
normalcy is returning to the Rush household.
And I'm going to jump back into blogging.
I have so many things to share...

I can't wait to start!
But it'll have to wait til tomorrow.
I have a paper on death&dying waiting to be edited. 

Happy Tuesday!


megan said...

Welcome back! :)

Emily grapes said...

You're a hash tagging fool!! haha

Glad you didn't choose to just give up on the blogging.

Find that rhythm and come on back. :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

kylee said...

a paper on death & dying?! i'm in a course the semester with that exact title. death & dying. weirdest class everrrr. assignment one: get a tour of a mortuary and write a paper on it. little does my professor know, i'm terrified of cemeteries.

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Glad you're coming back to blogland!! :)