Monday, September 12, 2011

Highlight reel. was such a wonderful weekend.
Like, the best in a long,long,LONGGGGG time.
The reason for the epic wonderfulness is probably because we had no real plans.

I captured the main highlights:

Friday night: Cuddled up with my favorites {J and Jers not pictured} while sipping some Chardonnay and watching hilarious Hot Rod.

Saturday brunch of turkey bacon, whole wheat toast, and chocolate chip pancakes. {+eggs and blueberry pancakes for J}

rockin' my Sperry's sans blisters {for once!}

I got married!
I kid, I kid.
But I did spend some lalaLovely time with this gem. {and forgot to bring Cami along}
Starbucks, Mexican supper, and some late night froyo.
It was one epic catchuponlife session.
love you, Stace!

Spending Sunday afternoon perusing the goodies at the Carmel Dog Day Afternoon event.
This {not so} little babe is Honey.
Be still my beating heart.

Joining some of my Bark Park friends at our community Dog Pool Party. 50+dogs on the loose near a ginormous body of water. 
It was just as awesome and chaotic as it sounds.

Such a good, good weekend! 
Makes me not so sad for the week to start :)



Emily grapes said...

You're so pretty, friend!! Love your wedding picture!

Glad you had such a great weekend. There's nothing like spending time with friends and food and dogs... :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

stacey said...

i had a GREAT time as well, katie! looking forward to many, many more! :)