Wednesday, September 14, 2011

help a sister out!

Thanks for the iPhone sympathies!
And for the tips! Unfortunately, my sister gave me the phone for free...and she received it refurbished.
So it really is like a gagillion light years old and was probably ready to retire.
I will miss it though!

And since I kind of seem to be a hot mess lately, I need some more advice!
Like 2 months ago I made myself a saaaweet kitchen chalkboard.
We're serious menu planners in the Rush house, so I figured it would be super handy.
Until J saw it.
And said, no way.
He's worried that when I hang it on our pantry {aka: water heater closet} door, it will bang against it every time we open and close the door.
well thank you, Mr. Buzz Kill!

So I need your help! 
How can I hang this


Without too much moving or shaking or banging as J says.
Aaaand I'd like to still be able to take it down from time to time to erase, write, etc.
Help a sister out!
Any ideas?!


Hillary said...


Katherine Oliver said...

3M makes a long line of products to help with things like this. Check them out. Everything is removable as well, and doesn't leave holes.

Emily grapes said...

YOUR PICTURES ARE BIGGER!!! Yay!! Did my tip help or did you find a completely different way? :)

What about those snap thingies I've seen on commercials where the chick puts one square thing on all four corners on the back and snaps it into the 4 on the wall/door and it stays.??

Have you seen that? For the life of me I don't know what its called though, but it woulds stay without rattling moving or bang...

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Sam W. said...

i like the velcro idea!

kylee said...

velcro for suuure! that stuff works wonders.

e.e. said...

Command strips! They have this great new kind that are like velcro but will hold more weight. I have them holding up a mirror; they work great!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

yup....what they all said! i LOVE the command velcro things...i have them all over the house and they hold a ton! put one on the top and one on the bottom, and it should stay in place for ya :) funny you mention this because i just bought a pack tonight!

The Whity Wife said...

be sure you put felt on the back of it to keep it quite and soft (avoids scraping/ marking too)