Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I just realized I never shared any of my #30dayphoto challenge pics on here.
My bad. :)
Since Wednesday's are official 'get sh#& done days,'
I'm going to be a good student and wise steward of my time
{er, minus making no bake cookies and reading my new magazine already...}
and forego posting the pics here and just give you the handy dandy link to my fb album, where {most of them} are already posted. 
Yay! Hopefully the link works...

Happy hump day friends!


Sam W. said...

i just looked through them all!! GORGEOUS! you are so good with that camera :)

Emily grapes said...

I agree with Sam, you and Cami are fast becoming friends!! Beautiful pictures, Katie!! I think I need to visit that gorgeous backyard of yours. mmhhmm I do

Emily w/Amazing Grapes