Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm baaaaaack.

why is is that having having weeklong visitors seems to put real life on hold?!

While it was wonderful having my MIL here for an entire week, now that she's gone J and I feel like we're just waking up from a really long, lazy sleep! 
No phone calls, texting, blogging, exercising, cleaning, LIVING.
Vacations are nice...
and its always nice to get back in to the swing of things, too :)

So, blogland, 
I'm baaaaaaaaack!

{and to avoid any anxiety and save time for going on runs with the hubster, doing laundry, and working on some crafts...
I shamelessly marked ALL of the entries in my GoogleReader as read. Sue me. I still love y'all and can't wait to jump back in!}


Mary Nevin said...

so glad you're back!!! i've totally pulled the google reader trick as well :)

Emily grapes said...

I'm suing you!! ;) Ok I guess I'll let it go since you're back and we can resume normal operations. :)

Hillary said...

suing you, too.

p.s. i'm back on the bandwagon.