Monday, August 8, 2011

breakfast of champions.

I've mentioned before that J and I have hopped on the healthy train and thought I'd share my fav go-to breakfast. Well, I really eat this all the time. But especially for breakfast...and that's when J likes to have his. While its not really anything new to me {I've been making smoothies for.ever}, J's in love with them and can't get over how healthy they are.
Ready? K!

I start with spinach {about 2 c.}. And for all you spinach haters out there, don't write this off just yet. I PROMISE you cannot taste this leafy green stuff once the smoothie is finished. Promise. 
I usually add carrots, too, but we were out this morning. And I can't promise you won't ever so slightly be able to taste those.
{tip: I freeze our spinach. That way it doesn't go bad if don't use it asap AND J thinks it takes away any bit of spinach flavor that could linger...}

I add about 1 c. water and puree reallllly well... you just have a bright green liquid! Appetizing, right?! :)

I usually add frozen strawberries next, but we're fresh out. So I used a few ice cubes instead. And then I added whatever fruits we had on can get creative! Today it was strawberries, pineapple, banana, and a peach. I usually have blueberries, but I sent the last of them to work with J today. I've tried apples, grapes, any kind of berries, kiwi, plums...anything works. The only key ingredient for me is at least half a banana...I don't know why but when I leave that out, the smoothie tastes kind of off. Take my word for it :)

So you blend all that fruity goodness together...
and you have yourself a breakfast {snack, lunch, dinner, whatever!} chock full of goodness! I always make some 12  grain toast with peanut butter for some extra protein...



meme-and-he said...

okay, I have been seeing these green smoothies all over the place! I have GOT to try it!!!

Emily grapes said...

I've made a smoothie w/spinach before and it was ok, but I think I might do it your way instead. It looks pretty yummy!

Sam W. said...

yum! i need to bled my spinach first before adding other things. i do taste a bit of the leaf when i have been doing it.

Reese and Leigh said...

I found your blog from veryloveleigh...and I really think I might need to try these smoothies now. Do you PROMISE you can't taste the spinach? :)