Thursday, July 14, 2011


In case you didn't know, I'm madly in love with my husband :)
I know I'm biased, but I think he's pretty amazing!
And today marks 727 days that we've been married. 
In case you were counting, that's only 3 days shy of 2 years :)

On Sunday, we'll celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary! And in honor of these two {pretty awesome} years, I'm going to overload you with not one but TWO posts about my amazing hubster. Excited? ;)
{get ready for picture overload!}

Dear husband, I love that you rarely take a normal picture. Although it always annoys me at the time, I laugh later! :)

Fun fact: I love your crazy long hyphenated name. Justin Kyle Van Lueven-Rush. That's hot. But I didn't love it enough to take it all on as my last name :) 

I love that we are both a little crazy. Even though you and your friends have this weird obsession with showing insane amounts of nasty man thigh and laughing about it...

I love that you let me talk to our pups in my weird, high pitched dog voice. And that you allow me to call Murphy 'Mr. Stinky...even in public places. Even more, I love that you kind of adopted my special dog voice and you call him that too, sometimes! {don't deny it, you know you do!}

I love that you love the scenario game as much as I do. People watching was never as fun until I met you!
{notice the lady in the upper left corner of the picture. nice.}

And on a more serious note,
 I love that you sleep with a buffer between us every night to keep the farts at bay. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did I just share that in a public forum? Yes, yes I did. 

I love you, JKVLR!!!

{and in case you think I don't have a legit romantic thing to say about my husband, come back Sunday for a sappier anniversary post! :D}

Ps. Thank you SO much for all the well wishes yesterday! The interview went AMAZING {despite my wearing flip flops and totally pitting out my dress}. I'll keep you filled in!


Sam W. said...

happy almost anniversary!!! LOVE the fart barrier :)

Emily said...

How sweet! I love that last picture of you two. So cute!

Happy almost 2 years to you!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

These pics are awesome, you look like such a fun couple!