Thursday, July 21, 2011

heat wave.

Indy is hitting record high temps today.
Which is all fine and good,
I love me some summer heat.
{more reason for pool time?}
But this humidity

As a waitress at a {kinda famous} burger joint that has MOSTLY outdoor seating and TERRIBLE A/C inside,
this heat wave equals a terrible sweat fest for me.
People, we're talking major issue here.
I have a need for prescription deodorant on an average 60* day
{no joke. Drysol is my bff}
but on theeeeeese days?
I die.

Say a prayer for me today? That I don't die from heat exhaustion? Or that if I do, I at least made some good tips?
Happy Thursday! The weekend's so close I can almost taste it...since the air here is so thick you can pretty much drink it!


Sam {} said...

i'm right there with you on needing extra strong deodorant!! but only on my right armpit - it's so bizarre.

Bec@littlelucylu said...

I'm totally with ya' on the extreme-sweating problem, too! Good thing I live in Oregon, where our "nicest" day this week has been overcast and 70. :)~ I think if I had to live where the heat wave is, I would just have to become a recluse and not leave my house! :-)
Good luck today!
~Bec :-)

Emily said...

Loved that picture. Sorry friend, I hope you don't melt away today working your butt off making that money. And drysol...maybe I'll look that up, its good?

Ashley said...

i am dying over sam's comment up there. haha i have extremely sweaty elbows!

good luck today! don't melt!