Thursday, July 21, 2011

heat wave.

Indy is hitting record high temps today.
Which is all fine and good,
I love me some summer heat.
{more reason for pool time?}
But this humidity

As a waitress at a {kinda famous} burger joint that has MOSTLY outdoor seating and TERRIBLE A/C inside,
this heat wave equals a terrible sweat fest for me.
People, we're talking major issue here.
I have a need for prescription deodorant on an average 60* day
{no joke. Drysol is my bff}
but on theeeeeese days?
I die.

Say a prayer for me today? That I don't die from heat exhaustion? Or that if I do, I at least made some good tips?
Happy Thursday! The weekend's so close I can almost taste it...since the air here is so thick you can pretty much drink it!


Sam W. said...

i'm right there with you on needing extra strong deodorant!! but only on my right armpit - it's so bizarre.

Bec@littlelucylu said...

I'm totally with ya' on the extreme-sweating problem, too! Good thing I live in Oregon, where our "nicest" day this week has been overcast and 70. :)~ I think if I had to live where the heat wave is, I would just have to become a recluse and not leave my house! :-)
Good luck today!
~Bec :-)

Emily said...

Loved that picture. Sorry friend, I hope you don't melt away today working your butt off making that money. And drysol...maybe I'll look that up, its good?

Ashley said...

i am dying over sam's comment up there. haha i have extremely sweaty elbows!

good luck today! don't melt!