Monday, June 27, 2011

here's to the weekend.

I'm completely aware that my title would probably be more appropriate as a nod to an upcoming weekend, instead of one that just ended.
Eh, whatevs.

So, here's to the weekend.
*Thank you, weekend, for giving me a night to cuddle with the hub while watching Entourage and HIMYM.
*And thank you for those two measly days I worked {a double} and made over $400. That was legend...wait for it...ary. Legendary.
*Thank you for my entire family coming to see me at work and leaving me a great fatty tip. Loved that!
*Thank you for my last Sunday working with the little ones at church for awhile...I miss going to the grownup service!
*And my favorite, thank you for the impromptu Dog Park cookout last night. Grilled chicken, homemade salsa, brownies, and Tim's crazy antics were

*Oh, and weekend, don't think I've forgotten the best part. Thank you SO much for this head cold/allergies/sinus problem you gave me. Missing a dear friend's surprise party because of it was great {not}, and getting minimal sleep for lack of breathing ability was the best thing ever {not}. Thanks for that, weekend. 

So here's to you, weekend, for being {mostly} awesome!


Tatiana said...

$400 in two day???? From tips mostly too? Man, you must be a super awesome waitress!
I'm sorry about your cold sinus issues. I hope they pass soon enough :-(

Emily said...

You rocked it! Way to go with the moola!!

What a bummer to be sick and miss the party.I hope you're feeling better, friend!

Megan said...

Dang, $400 in two days is amazing!! I'd take a week off for that. Haha.

Sam W. said...

HIMYM is the best show ever. i'm so hooked it's sick. loved the legendary comment thrown in there too.

Kelly said...

Snuggling and HIMYM may be the greatest date night of all time. Legendary, indeed!

Ashley said...

wow - who had an amazeballs weekend? apparently you! haha