Friday, May 20, 2011

Kick butt.

I went to my first real life group exercise class this morning.
In college I went to several, but they were taught by students and I went with a massive group of friends.
This was different.

Think SUPER in shape teacher with microphone, awesome music, big room with mirrors, lots of people I've never met. 
And a kick butt workout.

I have always loved kickboxing. 
Billy Blanks and I have been hanging out off and on since high school.
So when I saw that my new gym offers a kickboxing class on Friday morning, I got giddy.
I was slightly nervous heading there this morning.
But it was AWESOME.
Sam told me that a group exercise classes with a great teacher keep her coming back.
And I'm so glad I took her advice!
I LOVELOVELOVE this class! And I'm so excited to make it a regular part of my routine! 

And the icing on the cake...
the same teacher teaches a core conditioning class right after kickboxing, so I stuck around for that.
I'm sure I'll be hurting tomorrow.
But sweating and burning and working hard felt so good!

happy weekend friends :)


meme-and-he said...

dang that girl looks happy to be working out! I have to workout in a class to stay motivated...I have found it is the only way to keep me going. That is why I am 100% addicted to zumba! I hope this class works well for you!

Emily said...

Too crazy we both posted about exercise today. It must be ESPN. ;)
(the girls in my family call it that, we like to be funny)

Yay for awesome teachers and classes. I love feeling pain the next day, especially in those places that need the most work. I cheer when I have to grip the bathroom sink to sit down. (tmi?? probably)

Cat said...

Cool! I have always wanted to take one of these sorts of group exercise class too! You have inspired me :)

Glad you had fun!

xx Cat

Courtney B said...

I have been wanting to try kick boxing SO bad! You're motivating me to get my butt into a class :)
My FAVORITE classes are spin! I'm working on getting certified to teach and I can't wait!

Jamie said...

Woo hoo! I love working out. Especially when it's fun and you can feel immediately how it's working. Go girlie!

Tatiana said...

I gave kickboxing a try in college. Well, I basically HAD to take the class. Every time I showed up kicking and screaming. I hated it! But I would be willing to give it another try now and I think I would enjoy it more. I'm so glad that you're loving it :-)

Evan Ferguson said...

AHH!! You have used good ole' Billy too, huh!? Hahah...loved his videos! The real life class sounds 45054353 times better. Nice work!!! It's good to kick some butt every now and then. ;)