Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just like Disney.

I'm linking up with Jamie's What I'm Loving Wednesday! 

Have I mentioned that I love Ikea? And its better than Disney World to me? 
I did? Oh, ok. :)
Today especially, I'm loving their affordable prices, cute home goods, and delish food! 

Well I was really excited to take tons of pics of my purchases and share them with you...
and then I realized you might find most of it boring!
{not that I find it boring! I was giddy allll day with my purchases!}
 I really just stocked up on some much needed simple stuff. It might be appropriate to say we've been on a spending freeze {even for basic  things!} for quite some time now :D
So today, I'm loving these simple things:

5pack of pillar candles. Boring, I know! But I needed to switch out my votives. And now, my coffee table and candle tray aren't as dusty as they look in this photo!

$.99 placemats! Simple white them! 
{see...I told you I just got simple stuff.}

and not so excitingly pictured:

-spray bottle. Our new training toy for Jersey. No more barking little lady!
-green dish scrubbers. 
-green paper towel holder. 
-salad spinner. O.M.G. I've wanted one of these forever but could never rationalize buying one and never found one at Goodwill. Thanks, Ikea! $2.43 is right up my alley!
-kitchen timer. Its so cute and green. {Notice a theme?}
-white picture frame. Still collecting for my one-day gallery wall.
-Candle dishes. 
-Apple cinnamon candle.
-and I picked up a couple bamboo shoots, rocks, and a fun red ceramic pot for a friend.

But I was most excited about this...

my soon-to-be organization rack! I think I'm going to hang the bar over the kitchen sink. The two ceramic holders will hang from it, along with a colorful dish towel and maybe some utensils? I'm so excited! I've been drooling over these fun organizational racks for so long now!

Here is a drool-worthy example...

I wish my kitchen looked like that!!!

So, that was my Ikea trip! I'm loving that is was a short and easy car ride, great times with the family, and some exciting {to me!} purchases. Its the little things, right? :) 

Happy Wednesday!


Momma StJ said...

Love Ikea! This post makes me want to leave work early and make the hour drive....hmmm....

Sam {} said...

i love that organizing rack!! i always spend way too much time and money in's the best!

Whity Wife said...

i live two exits away from the cincinnati Ikea- i went for the first time last week....!

My husband had been there a few times to he just ran through the place (we only needed a lamp) but I could have spent a week there- I now have created my dream house, and i dream of it often!

(and I am going back on friday...that's going to hurt the bank) ;)

Just the Two of US said...

great things your loving!

Happy wednesday!

Kit said...

Love those hanging herbs!!!

Those are some awesome things that you are loving today!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Tatiana said...

I love that organizing rack! I'm sure it will look fabulous in your kitchen :-)
You also reminded me that I really need some place-mats. I'm going to Ikea in a few weeks, so I'm getting them then :-)

Emily said...

Great finds! I have a salad spinner and sadly I never use it anymore. Totally would have given it to you..if we lived closer of course. haha Glad you got your IKEA fix.

meme-and-he said...

ooh I love ikea too...but I am actually glad there isn't one close to me because I would go there every day. love that organizing rack!