Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm a complete mixture of bummed and ecstatic today.
{I'm fully aware that sentence contradicts itself. Deal.}

{old, gross picture. But isn't Sarah cute?!}

My amazing friend Sarah is finally marrying the love of her life today!!!
After much waiting and long distance dating,
they are finally getting hitched.
And I seriously could not be happier for them!
I don't know another couple so in love, so centered on Christ, so servant-hearted.
Sarah is such a beautiful person, in every way. 
For about three years, we took weekly walks, kept one another accountable, talked about future weddings.
I look up to her in so so SO many ways.
And when Ryan I met Ryan, I realized how much he is the PERFECT match for her.
Just the way he looks at her makes my heart melt.
They are the epitome of love.

So I'm super bummed that $$ and work kept me from heading to PA for their wedding today.
I'm sure its going to be so beautiful and filled with love and focused on Christ!

And selfishly,
I'm bummed I don't get to party with these two ladies...

gosh, I miss college!

Happy Wedding Day Sarah & Ryan!!!

{although I'm 99.9% positive you don't read this blog :D}


kylee said...

hoooray for friends getting married!

Momma StJ said...

so sweet :) It's a beautiful day in south Central PA to get married...hopefully wherever in PA they are gettin hitched too!!!

Sam W. said...

awww, cute girl :)

happy wedding to them!

Tatiana said...

She is beautiful! Congrats to her! I hope she had a wonderful day :-)

Emily said...

There's still that .01% that she'll see this never know. ;)

Sorry you had to miss it. Darn work and $$

Unknown said...

okay... SMALL WORLD!! i worked at spring hill camp with laura!!! i love her.