Friday, April 8, 2011

sneak peak.

Its finally ready!
So excited for my giveaway...
that starts Monday!

I was able to finish it up last night
{thankyouverymuch professor that let class out early, husband that worked late, and tired pups}

Want a sneak peak?
Just a little one...

Aren't those fabric lovely?!
Here's some more hints:
its hand{and machine} made.
its girly.
its useful.
its handy.

Here's another {more obvious} picture...

So be sure to come back Monday for your chance to win this beauty!
And in the meantime, happy happy happy weekend! Rest, relax, and have some fun :) {I know I will!}


Emily said...

Ooh, intrigued. :)

Hope you have a happy happy weekend yourself!

meme-and-he said...

can't wait! Have a lovely weekend :)

Mary Nevin said...

how exciting!!! can't wait to read all about it monday.
Serenity and Style

Megan said...

Looks adorable! I totally wish that I could sew. Sew jealous. Ha. Get it?

Ashley said...

can't wait! i'll have to be sure to check it out tomorrow!

Herrington Photography said...

It looks like maybe a small purse or wristlet. And I'm loving that fabric.