Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anyone obsessed with Pinterest?
I can't get enough of it!
{Granted, I only remember about one day a week that I even have it...but I frantically use it on that one day each week!}
Its the best thing since the tampon.

I'm one of those people that usually bookmarks every.single.thing that catches my eye and that I might, one day, maybe want to revisit. 
{enter pinterest}
You can just "pin" sites, pictures, recipes, crafts, gift ideas, ANYTHING...and go back to your little Pinterest boards and remind yourself! Love. it. LOVEIT.

Ok, so if you've had this forever and you're thinking I'm on the slow train to cool...you're right!
And if you don't have Pinterest...go get it!
And check out my {measly} boards if you get a chance!

**Thanks so much for the prayers. you bloggy friends really are the best! J's brother is doing so much better, his platelets are up past 50,00 so he's out of  the immediate danger zone, but still in general danger until they reached normal levels. Still praying!**

**Monday exercise: none. Rain+death of a paper=l.a.z.y. ugh.


Sam W. said...

ok, so i've heard a lot about pinterest, but have yet to hop on board...perhaps i need to!

still praying :)

Interprintations said...

J's brother & his family are in my thoughts! Thanks for the updates.

Emily said...

I've been hearing about pinterest but haven't grasped the concept yet, so I'm on a slower train that you are, haha. Maybe I'll look into it since you described it a bit.

Still praying for your BIL. =) and you!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

OK, this is the first I have heard of pinterest, so my train is much slower than yours:) I misut go check it out.

Herrington Photography said...

Still praying.

Regarding Pinterest...I've heard of it and have often thought about using it. So I tried to sign up today and could only request an invitation. Then I got an email saying I'm on their waiting list and they'll send me an invite soon. WHAT? That's crazy. How long did it take you to get your invitation?

Gaby said...

I LOVE pinterest, and I've only discovered it recently as well. Although i have the same problem as you; i only remember i have it about once a week :)

Becca said...

cutie blog! loveee pinterest so addicting!

Kristen said...

Just heard about it last week...tried to sign up for it and got put on a waiting list. Boo!!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday - am now exploring yours and am your newest follower.

Enjoy your pinterest...about to check out your boards.

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