Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out to lunch. Back at the end of the semester!

so, there's some major grad school overload happening over here.
papers papers papers. 
{did I mention I have some papers due?}
exams schmizams.
Internship finishing.

all that to say, grad school is totally dominating me.
k+grad school= dominated.

no awesome blogging.
at least until I finish one of my massive papers and complete one of my deadly exams. 

can you forgive a girl?
I apologize in advance for light and boring posting over the next week.
can we still be friends?

until then, 
here are some of my fav blogs to keep you busy!

This Little Port. Gaby is so crafty and cute. She just posted a delicious smoothie recipe. Check it out.

The Nato's. Ok, Jami has got to be one of the craftiest, funniest, stylish bloggers ever. Do yourself a favor and check her blog out. {her hubby just posted a pretty awesome post about their marriage ups & downs!}

Run with me.. I'm sure you're already a follower, but if not, you're life is seriously missing out. Ashley is so stinkin' funny. And kind of wonder woman...with an awesome job, style, and sense of humor, with a bit of running thrown it. 

and in the meantime, don't forget to sign up for my first giveaway. It ends next week! :)

aaaaand if you're feeling craaaazy and want to help a girl out by guest posting on this little baby blog while I continue to let grad school dominate me, just email me! {contact info on Contact page}


Sam W. said...

you're so close!!

Blair McLeod said...

good luck!! i know you'll kick butt!

Emily said...

Ah, sorry you're being bombarded by lame school. I'll forgive you for your light blogging moments. You're allowed. But just this week...ok just kidding. ;)

Megan said...

Breaks are definitely acceptable!! Just get through school and then you'll be back and ready to kick butt blogging in no time!! I'd love to help you out a day if you need a guest poster!