Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Tuesday, blog friends! Sweet, sweet Kylee is guestposting today, while I'm dominating and exam and turning in an unnaturally long paper. Aaaaand dreaming of eating these brownies. Yum-o! 
Hop over to her cute blog and leave her some love! And maybe say a prayer for my sanity?! I'm.so.close.

hellllo everyone! my name is kylee from little girl in a big world [ link: http://kyleerowley.blogspot.com/ ] i'm here today helping katie out by tempting her with an amazing brownie recipe when she should really be studying. it's fine though, because these are by far the best brownies i have ever had. i promise you'll love them.

hoooray for good recipes and hooray for the end of school. lets all be sure to wish katie luck on her busy week! and i seriously beg you all to make these brownies. beg. that's how good they are.


kylee said...
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kylee said...

thanks for letting me guest post! good luck with all your school work!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

No need to beg. You had me at "fudge brownie."

Megan said...

YUM!! These look delicious!

Emily said...

These look sinfully delicious!! I DO believe I'll make these one day