Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend recap.


Won a radio contest on 88.3 in the morning {why yes, I'll take 7 free cd's, thankyouverymuch!} on my way to have breakfast at City Cafe downtown with a sweet friend, and picked up this sweet angel. 
Meet Jersey, our the newest addition to the Rush family!
{want to know her story? No worries, she's got her very own post coming soon!}


I forgot to take pics, but I went antiquing with my mom over the weekend. And picked up some treasures! I'll share soon :) I also whipped up some salsa for J's and his college friend who was visiting over the weekend. Delish. I'll share that recipe soon, too. {Lots of promises for future posts! Aren't I ambitious?!}
And meet Harley, my sister's sweet cat I babysat all weekend. Every time I took a load of laundry out of the dryer, he made himself a new bed!


Sundays are my favorite! Anyone else feel the same?
I started working in the 4yr old room at church this week...and LOVED it! So much fun! I also worked my booty off on a couple of papers...while the hubby and pups took a loooong snooze. Perfect Sunday afternoon!

And here we are, another wonderful weekend is over and back to work! Good thing I love what I do and I have these two cuties to go home to at night!

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting or relaxing? Get a new puppy like me?! :)

Happy monday!!!


Sam W. said...

your weekend sounds fun!! so excited about the pup :)

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

so jealous! I never win anything! And I 100% agree about Sundays, they are always such a relaxing day!!

ohyouprettythings said...

congrats on the win! :] I love your dogs!! :] They are super cute!