Friday, March 11, 2011


Friday, you're my hero.

I am so thankful for the weekend and no class next week {spring break, baby!}.
I need it.
You see, I've learned a few things about myself in the past few weeks.
I've been busy. Like barely seen/talked to my husband busy.
Like 2 inches of dust on every.thing. in my home busy.
Like forgetting my own name busy.

And in all that busyness, I've have learned that I fail to communicate with my husband.
I thought I told him I was going out of town this weekend.
I thought I told him I had group meetings.
I thought I told him...
a slew of other things that I obviously did not tell him.

Lesson learned. 
I don't communicate when I'm busy.
So, thanks to the most amazing friend,
I'm staying home this weekend and spending time with my wonderful, gracious, understanding hubby.

he's pretty amazing. I'm pretty lucky.

Anyone else seem to go a little crazy {without even realizing it} when life gets hectic?!

**Be sure to check back Monday for a blog swap! Who doesn't love getting goodies in the mail?!?! :D

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Sam W. said...

awww, y'all are cute! happy spring break :)