Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bigger is better.

{get your head out of the gutter!}

My husband luurves Costco.
I think he may be having an affair.
He loves it.

The other day, he stopped there to get some gas and paper towel 
{quite the combination, no?}
and came home with this...

not sure if you cant tell,
but that is one massive bag of swedish fish.

56 oz equals roughly 3.5lb.

and you better believe he's trucking his way through the bag.
oh husband, I love you!

anyone else get sucked into the appeal of buying in bulk?
{confession: I'm a sucker for bulk, too. 9 hearts of Romaine for less than $5?! yes, please!}


Sam W. said...

oh my gosh. i love swedish fish - so much! i'd be afraid to keep a bag that big lying around the house :)

Emily said...

Oh my gosh I always get suckered into the romaine lettuce. I finally had to tell myself to stop when 6 would go bad. haha There are certain things I ONLY buy at Costco, love that place!

Maggie and Ben said...

Katie I knew you would appreciate my post! Poor newlyweds unite! Speaking of groceries, do you suggest a membership to Costco when there are only two members in our little family? I've heard it's a great money saver, but only if you have kids. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

my husband loves costco too!