Monday, December 20, 2010

its beginning to look a lot like christmas.

After the whirlwind of life that's been this last month or so, I finally got around to making our apartment look festive and Christmas-y! I love (almost) everything about this time of year :)

Christmas candle, room spray (aka awesomeness in  a can), and a vintage holiday doily. (and, um, dust on my lamp.)

Miniature ceramic nativity (compliments of some elementary catalogue fundraiser back in the day)under the Christmas tree I used to have in my bedroom as a kid.

Cute little snowman from my box of decorations for my little tree

Little known fact about me: I have collected nutcrackers since I was like 8. J's still on the fence about this quirk of mine.

Our first Christmas 2009. How sweet <3

We found the perfect ($15) tree this year! Its so perfect, it looks fake! Also, we didn't forget the topper. I just haven't found one I love yet! Suggestions?

My favorite snow baby.

We love the Raiders in this family.

Ok ok, they aren't christmas decorations. Just roses from my amazing husband. Just because he loves me, he said. He's a keeper!
Now, only a day of work, a Brady Christmas celebration, and one lonnnnng car trip separates me from the sunny beaches of Florida. Mmmmm...I can't wait!

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Katherine Oliver said...

There is a beautiful cream-colored almost papery-fabric star at Target. It's with one of the new collections, with the vintage ornaments - not sure of the exact name of the collection. The collection has glass pears, owls, funny knit animals, and wood and felt snowflakes. The star is on the shelf underneath...I love it but it's too big for our tree, which is just 4.5 feet and narrow. I think it would look lovely with your beautiful tree.