Friday, October 1, 2010


This week seemed to consist of a lot of settling in. Into
the routine of my classes and homework, into Justin's routine at work, into the cooler fall weather, and just settlinginto life here in Indy in general. it's like one big sigh. I like routine and settling in. Its comforting.

On a (mostly) unrelated note, I thought I'd share one of our latest obsessions...homemade pizza. Its one of our go-to meals and we eat it almost every week!

I use the pizza crust dough mix from Wal-mart, it costs less than $.50 and tastes delish. It's also one of the healthier options. When we're feeling crazy, we splurge on Trader Joe's $.99 dough.

After adding hot water the the mix, I brush with olive oil and cover for five minutes or however long it takes for me to get out all the toppings! Then I press onto our AWESOME pizza stone (seriously, we use it for every.thing), poke with a fork, and brush with more olive oil. Have I mentioned my love affair with olive oil? Then I bake it at 475degrees for about 5 minutes.

While the crust is baking, I chop up the toppings. Justin's out of town tonight, so I took advantage of the chance to load it with stuff I love and he could do with out. Green peppers, fresh garlic (LOVE garlic!) and mushrooms...and cheese of course. I also threw on some crushed red pepper as an afterthought.

...and this cutie was my audience the whole time.

All topped and ready to bake!

5 minutes later...delicious!

almost perfect supper. (Could only be better if J was was here and I had a glass of white wine!)

...but I'll settle with The Apprentice...

...and some Fall candy!

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Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed. I was really excited by your cheap pizza dough finds (we usually use pita for individual pizzas or french bread for pizza bread). But alas after 2 grocery stores and Trader Joe's, I found ZERO pizza dough mixes. :( What brand do you use? I may just have to make my own!