Monday, October 18, 2010



...I have to take (literally) 27 pages of notes, and rewrite them all over again just to retain what I'm studying. 

...I cry when watching Oprah, listening to the radio, and talking to my dog. all in the same day.

...I eat York peppermint patties for supper. and nothing else.

...I listen to the MmmBop station on Pandora (all day). and LOVE it.

...feel like a baller driving my parents GMC Safari van. 


but all the time I miss my husband when he's out of town.


Anonymous said...

pizza update: I just got your comment, which was good timing because I JUST found the jiffy mix today at the grocery with the pizza sauce(and made it tonight). I had been looking in the general baking section. I had found a gluten free fancy mix for a whopping $5 (YIKES). I'll have to look in the refrigerated section @ TJ next time I'm there.
Also, I feel your pain of missing Justin when he's away. Doug's been away for multiple months a few times since we've been married. That's why we got {our} Murphy. :)
And I think your blog is fun the way it is, you enjoy all of those things and I like reading about them all. If you want it to have a direction you could assign days of the week as certain topics, Crafy Monday, Tummy Goodness Tuesday, etc...

e.e. said...

i'm adding mmmbop as one of pandora stations.