Monday, October 25, 2010

oh Oprah.

I rarely watch Oprah, but coincidentally I've found myself doing just that the last two mondays.
And man, when did she start having such emotional shows? 
As I sit here, working on job applications (hire me! hire me!) and eating a delicious cupcake, Oprah's show has me in tears. My dog is laying next to me and looking at me like I'm crazy.
But a family who lost all three of their young children in a car accident? tear jerker of a story for sure.
Last week's episode was about child molestation and its effects.
for sure another hour of crying.
Now, say what you will about Oprah, but it seems that she (or whoever she pays big bucks to do these things) has put some serious effort into making the most of her last year or so of broadcasting. 
And I, personally, appreciate that.
Thanks for using your power effectively this time Oprah!
(also if you would like to invite me to your Favorite Things episode, I would happily oblige! :D)

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e.e. said...

girl today's ep was a tear jerker! and if you get tickets to her show, you better bring me too!!