Thursday, April 16, 2020

House party!

  You know what sounds really fun? A party at my house with a nacho bar from the local Mexican restaurant, a really great wine tasting, and shopping for Mother's Day/graduation/teacher gifts with some girlfriends. Amiright? Want to come?

Womp womp. Soooo clearly that is not happening. I had to cancel that fun girls' afternoon I had planned for later this month. If you know me, you know there are three things I LOVE- girls' nights, wine, and Noonday Collection. I was so bummed to have to cancel! But to be honest, I don't have anything else going on so I found a way to still (sort of?) have this party. Want to come? The more the merrier! If you're free on Monday (as in April ) at 8pm, hop on Houseparty and join us. My friend Heather will be talking about Scout&Cellar wines and doing sort of a virtual tasting and Kelli will be showing us all the fun Noonday accessories! (and if doing a virtual party sounds weird to you, I'm with you girlfriend! But desperate times...or you can just shop online on your own time!)

Since I can't see people in real life to chat about it and invite them and I don't want to be that person doing a million instagram stories that most people don't care about, what better time to take advantage of the 'ole blog?

If I were bumping into you at Target or chatting with you after church, here's what I would say!

Hey girl heyyyy! (too weird?) Want to come to my Nacho party? (except, you do need to bring your own nachos) Basically, just a fun girls' night to laugh (because technology and video chat are awkward sometimes!) learn about the BEST wines and do some fair trade shopping for Mother's Day? Or honestly, just for yourself. Need an extra nudge to join us? Two people will win free wine- because if we can't all do a tasting together, I at least want to make sure you get to experience it! We're also giving away a gorgeous leather Noonday bracelet and some Starbucks gift cards (treat yourself while you're locked away in your house!)

If you haven't heard of Noonday Collection (you probably have), it so good. So good! In a nutshell it is a company that sells accessories made by artisans all around the globe- most from developing communities. They have such a great business model that provides jobs for artisans to support their families and dream big dream AND creates jobs in America for ambassadors. If all of that sounds good but isn't necessarily your passion, just hear this- they have GOOD stuff! Like, gorgeous jewelry that is on trend but also super unique. The best kinds of things for gift giving! With Mother's Day coming up and graduation and teacher gifts (can we all agree to still celebrate teachers and grads, even though school is effectively cancelled for the rest of the year?) Noonday has some things on sale that would make perfect gifts.

TIP: Order by April 22nd to guarantee arrival by Mother's Day! The Noonday home office in Austin has been pretty impacted by Covid-19, so they are giving modest ship times to insure packages arrive in time. You can shop the party directly here!

Ok, let's chat about Scout&Cellar now. Have you heard of this wine company? I feel like its fairly new, and sort of unknown to lots of people. My friend Heather is going to explain it so much better at the party on Monday, but I'll give you the nutshell. Scout&Cellar sells clean-crafted wine (aka organic, no added sugar, no added sulfites, pesticide-free) from around the world. They scout out wineries that make clean-crafted wines and stock it to sell to customers (hence the name Scout & Cellar). In lamens terms? Its good wine without junk in it. No extra sugar, so lower calorie. No added sulfites (only those naturally found in the grapes) so no headaches or hangovers. Just really good wine!  And at pretty much everyone's prices points- which I love. I actually do the Wine Club with a friend (we split the 6 bottles/quarterly) and its SO fun! It ships to my house, we each pick the wines we want (a surprise every month!) and it honestly great to try new wines (and know they'll be good no matter what) but also do it with a friend.
Click here to shop the Scout & Cellar tasting! 

TIP: Shipping is a little steep unless your order is over $99, but going in with a friend/neighbor/family member will likely get you to free shipping AND give you an excuse to swing by a their house to drop off wine and have a little driveway chat in the middle of this crazy time. If you think of ordering any wine and you don't live near me, you should find a friend or two who also want to order and go in together. If you do live near me, let me know! We can go in on an order together!

So, join us! Email/text/message me for the info on the HouseParty (it feels weird to just blog that...) and keep an eye out for another blog post about my fav wines and Mother's Day ideas if you can't join us on Monday (or if it feels to awkward😜).

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