Sunday, April 19, 2020

A little weekend shopping (pt.2)

  I am so excited to chat about Scout & Cellar! Have you heard of it? I had only heard bits and pieces about this wine company from one of my favorite bloggers (check out @jaminato's 'clean wine' story highlights!), but I didn't really know what it was until I invited some girls from my small group over for a wine night. My friend Heather brought her own bottle of wine and said she was actually a S&C consultant. I proceeded to bombard her with questions about the company and wines for the rest of the night!

  Like with Noonday Collection, I could go on and on about why I love Scout & Cellar wines! I am SO bummed that we can't all get together and do a tasting (honestly, so fun). But Heather is amazing and she's put together some little tasting sets for everyone who is local (hi, Bluffton friends!) so we can literally taste them together tomorrow night. If you plan to join and want to do a tasting with us, let me know and I will drop off a tasting set for you tomorrow! If you're not local, I'm going to share my favorite wines here and definitely hop on the Houseparty tomorrow at 8pm to pick Heather's brain about clean-crafted wine. (Be sure to give me a head's up so I can add you as a friend on Houseparty!) If you can't join the party but still end up shopping, be sure to let me know! Heather is giving away some wine spritzers

Ok, now to the good stuff. Here's what I love about Scout & Cellar!

1. It's clean-crafted, which essentially means it is just better wine in pretty much all the ways. Did you know most wines sold in America are manufactured differently for Americans? Dyes, sugar, pesticides, extra sulfites are all added. Scout & Cellar find vineyards that adhere to strict standards for providing only clean wine, which means lower calories, less sugar, no chemicals and wines that are all around just better.

2. Because the wineries S&C works with are committed to clean-crafted wine, that means they also uphold ethical working conditions and fair pay. Any time I can make an intentional choice to support businesses with an emphasis on fair trade and ethical working conditions, I'm in!

3. They have the most fun wine clubs! This isn't necessarily unique to S&C, but it is such a fun way to try different wines. I don't have one favorite type of wine I stick to and I like the idea of someone else sort of putting a collection together for me. I have friends that do wine memberships from local restaurants and wineries and I've always loved that idea. But they're usually pricey and daunting to me so I've never actually done one. Until a few months ago! S&C has so many different options, all are wines I can trust to be ethically sourced, low calorie, and clean-crafted. And wines I won't find in the grocery store. You can pick 4/6/12 bottles of whites, reds, or mixed to receive monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. So literally an option for almost any budget! I do the quarterly 6 bottle mixed membership and I actually split it with a friend. That's sort of an added bonus! We get together and each pick our favorites when a shipment comes in. I know some ladies who are neighbors and they do the 12 bottle membership and its a great excuse to plan a girls' night.

Ok that feels like enough talking! If you've been wanting to try Scout & Cellar, it seems like a global pandemic/quarantine is the best time, right? Heather will share her favs on the Houseparty tomorrow, but if you aren't going to hop on here are some of mine.

I don't usually like rose wines (often too sweet!), but S&C has one I love! It's currently out of stock (they work only with vineyard that hand-pick grapes so their batches of wine are smaller). BUT this sparkling rose is from the same vineyard and if you like sparkling wines, you'll love it. And this rose seems to be the most popular one because I think everyone ordered it when I did a tasting this past Fall!

I've started to prefer red wines over the past couple of years, but it is almost like perpetual summer here in the South and sometimes a chilled wine is just necessary. This chardonnay was in my wine club last month and it was perfect for evenings on the porch.

Have you ever tried a Nero Di Troia? I love this one from Italy and almost always keep a bottle in our pantry because it seems like everyone likes it.

Cabernets might be my favorite wine lately and this bottle is HANDS DOWN my favorite I've tried from Scout & Cellar. It's more expensive than I would usually pay for a bottle of wine, but it came in my last wine club box. I'm so glad it did! Justin isn't a huge wine drinker, and he even loved it.

That's probably enough, right? Right. Go buy some wine! And if you do, here's a head's up that shipping is sort of pricey. It is worth it to check with some friends or neighbors to see if they want to go in on an order with you to bump you up to free shipping.

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