Saturday, April 18, 2020

A little weekend shopping (pt. 1)

Two days until my social-distancing girls' night! It might be a little nerdy, but I'm pretty excited. My favorite girlfriends and I have had a couple of happy hour calls during this quarantine and its actually super fun. So if its anything like that (with an extra emphasis on the wine!), Monday is going to be the best!

  I could literally talk your ear off about Noonday Collection and what I love about it, and I actually have probably done that in real life if you've hung around me much. It's the best! A handful of ladies are in for the virtual party on Monday, but I know lots of you probably won't hop on the Houseparty app with us. I want to invite you to still check out Noonday Collection and here is why... (I'm going to try to cool it and not be too wordy here) As an added bonus, one person who shops BEFORE Monday will get a Starbucks gift card. Heyyyyyy! (here's the link to shop the party)

1. Noonday is the best. 7 years ago before it was known really at all and still a really new company, I fell in love with it and hosted my first trunk show (here's proof). See? I've been geeking out about Noonday for 7 years! And my enthusiasm hasn't died down, in fact I even spent a couple years as an Ambassador myself. Life changed a bit (some family health crises and a cross country move) and I don't actually work as an Ambassador anymore, but I think the best part of that is how I STILL love it. I saw the inner workings of the company as sort of an employee myself, learned more about their mission, watched the company scale and grow and change over time- and I still support it. Because it's that good! Their mission to join with artisans (and ambassadors!) around the globe, help provide dignified work, and create pathways out of poverty is pretty amazing. It isn't charity work, but instead an effective business model. (You can read all about how Noonday works here)

2. They make the best gifts for giving! Truly. Colorful, unique, at nearly any price point and still trendy. Bonus? Everything comes packaged prettily and ready for giving!

3. Each piece has a story behind it (and literally an accompanying card about the artisans who made it!) and that adds another layer of meaning when you give a gift to someone you love. Some pieces are made from up cycled artillery (bullets!) by women who are escaping human trafficking- they are literally using things meant for harm to create new, flourishing lives for themselves. Others are made from ethically harvested horn and bones (from animals who have died of natural causes instead of poached illegally). There is an entire collection called Storyline made from women in Asia who are learning new trades as they escape human trafficking and each piece includes the name of the artisan who created it. So. Many. Stories. And we have the chance to be a part of the stories when we use our shopping for good! If you're going to shop anyway, how great to know there are ways to be intentional about where you shop.

Ok, I'll stop! Seriously. I could talk about this forever because they make pretty stuff, literally change lives around the world, and it all makes the best excuse for a girls' night (in person or virtual!) Now I'll just show you some of my favorite things they have right now! Some of them are on super sale for Mother's Day (and the sale ends Monday- I already snagged a few things in case they run out!).

This dainty cross necklace is the perfect size and length and I'm eyeing it for myself.

This leather crossbody was my free product after my trunk show this past Fall (free!!) and I love it so much!

Ok so these are technically out of stock but you can sign up to be notified when they come back in. Adorable build-your-own bracelet sets! What a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift for a little girl! I plan on grabbing a few to keep on hand for classmate birthdays, cousins, etc.

If you're in the market for a bigger gift or something for yourself. this clutch is AMAZING. I have a similar from a few years ago and it is so good. Without fail, every time I'm carrying it, I get compliments from strangers on how pretty and unique it is!

I'm evidently into neutrals lately because all of these seems like great gifts to me: simple gold Demi hoops, a wrap bracelet that would match any outfit, and these sort of summery earrings with rafia.

This set of three earrings is on super sale for Mother's Day and I have it and LOVE them!

This cuff is perfect for all you cool cats and kittens😸

The Storyline Collection is probably my favorite thing off all and the Heart To Heart necklace would make such a perfect Mother's Day gift for just about any mom!

....and now I'll make myself stop! I'll share some of my fav Scout & Cellar finds tomorrow :) Happy weekend-ing!

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